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In Dolby Digital
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Adults $ 8.00
Children 2-11 $6.00
Sr. 62 up $ 6.00

About Evelyn Theatre

Bringing Dumas the best in entertainment for 70 years

Evelyn Theatre

Randy Nies began working at the Evelyn at the young age of 12. He worked under Marge and Mutt McMurray. The Theatre was owned by the Powell's.

Evelyn Theatre Opening

At the time, the Theatre projectors were carbon arc which required reel changes every 15-20 minutes. Randy witnessed the beginning of a new era in the early '80's when carbon arcs were replaced with xenon bulbs.

The theatre went digital on Friday, August 1, 2014, with brand new Dolby sound systems.

In 2017 Evelyn Theatre was closed briefly for a major remodel and re-opened in December 2017 with updated seating, sound, and more...

Movie memorabilia

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Perfect for your Home Theatre or Man Cave...
1000's of movie posters
Movie reels (all sizes)
1920s poster frames
Movie related items...

Located in Downtown Dumas

705 Bliss - Dumas Tx
​(806) 935-4005
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